Monday, May 9, 2011

Do's and dont's when staying in hotels

Generally, hotel staff (at least visible ones from the client's point of view) like their clients.
We enjoy making people's stay rememberable and pleasant, and even more do we enjoy getting rewarded for it.

I'm sure some of You have seen BBC's TV-show "Hotel Babylon" (
It's certainly worth to see, at least first 2 seasons anyway. This is a show that points out our view on life pretty accurately.

With this post, I want to point out some of the most important points, how to make Your (and my) life as easy as possible.

1. Dont be afraid to get friendly with your receptionist, congierge or server (I recently heard waiter and waitress have become politically incorrect?!)
We are all there, to make Your life easier. Specially, when You're in a new town which You dont know nothing about. We usually know everything about the area, and if You're nice, we might consider being honest with You. That means suggesting places, activities and companies that are ACTUALLY good, not the places that we earn most commision from.
2. Tipping - cant live without it. I'm not saying You should be throwing 50€ around to get our attention (You most certainly WILL get our attention doing that) but handing out 2-5€ for good service shouldn't hurt much.
3. Want special attention?  Make Yourself noticeable. When making reservation, mention random shit about coming to a honeymoon or anniversary or grandmother's funeral, whatever. Usually we are more than happy to give out that little something, to make ourselves look good. This means perhaps a complimentary room upgrade for You, hell maybe even a free bottle of sparkling wine.

.....4.... I thought long if I should tell this, because on this one only You win.
When booking a room through some booking site (, expedia etc.) then these sites usually ask from You a review about the hotel. Most places take these reviews and ratings VERY seriously. That means, giving a shit review might earn You a complimentary stay next time. But once more, this SHOULDN'T be done.  I've heard of people getting sacked over one bad review that came from the guest.


1. Know what You need, dont be a prick and think that we should guess what You need. In example, You're on a trip with Your'e friends. Yet You book double rooms, without even mentioning that these should have been twins instead. Usually, even when reservations are made for a double room and we see clearly 2 men staying there, we keep them double. Never know when some lovers gonna take offense that we have put them in a twin room. Accusement of sexual harrasment is easier to come from them than You travelling with Your friends looking for a normal Twin room.
2. Dont disgrace Yourself. If You're shit drunk and getting annoying to other clients (and not throwing out tips while doing that) it's easier for me to call security on You instantly, rather than to start calming You down.
3. Dont do point 4. of DO's.

... to be continued. I'm also thinking of posting some general tips how to get best deals from Your homes away from home.


  1. Very useful tips.


  2. Thanks for the tips, really useful to know.

  3. These are some great and interesting tips. Thanks, I'll use them the next time I'm in a hotel.

  4. what about jerking off on the sheets can I at least do that?

  5. nice tips man, will keep these in mind

  6. Useful tips once i start earning enough to stay in hotels! Backpackers for me at the moment xD

  7. another dont is probably use the mini fridge unles you want to spend alot of money. i learned that the hard way

  8. These are very helpful! Keep them coming, please!

  9. There's a scene in the film Borat which epitomises exactly what you shouldn't do in a hotel!

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